Venetian plasters


Venetian Plasters Made Easy

Venetian Plaster can give a room an elegant and natural look and finish. Venetian plaster is a simple technique which involves the application of a semi-translucent tint that often contains powdered marble as its key ingredient. A professional painter can use this finish to create a beautiful shine on your walls and furnishings. If you're interested in a unique, elegant look for your home, then Venetian Plaster may be perfect for you.
Simple, Yet Complicated

Applying this technique can be difficult for an amateur painter as the final product should feature a two-tone look to prevent your walls from looking flat - and a poor application can ruin the desired effect. Even with hours of Youtube tutorials, the average homeowner may find this technique incredible difficult. At ASAP painting, we are experienced, Venetian experts who know how it's done. Over the years, we've learned many tricks of the trade, and know how to achieve the right results at an affordable cost. We respect our clients too much to overcharge on this process – and are dedicated to saving you more than our competitors ever could. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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